Want To Know Loving-kindness Meditation Benefits?

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Meditation is sought as a life-altering experiencing that creates awe of self-awareness, leading to a happy life. Loving-kindness meditation is one such technique that finds its origin in the Buddhist philosophies. A great way to deal with anxieties, it has a plethora of advantages, which are enlisted below. 

Accelerates positive emotions

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 A critically important benefit of loving-kindness and meditation is that in addition to curbing down the negative feeling, it opens channels for positivity. A lot of people start imbibing and feeling positive feelings of joy, happiness, and overall satisfaction by regularly exercising the meditation techniques. The process is found to be very powerful and yet simple for anyone to start practicing.

Decreases the voice of Inner critic

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Inner critic is that voice inside our head that keeps contracting our various decisions and, in a way, holds us back. Call it the result of conditioning or just observing and experiencing life’s facets, the inner critic is deeply rooted in every person, and it could be an important factor holding you down.

The loving-kindness meditation has a high range of frequency, which helps to reduce the voice of the inner critic as a result of which one starts listening to one’s real thoughts. Controlling inner critic takes a lot of time and effort, but this particular meditation can change the outlook within 3 months period.

Strengthens empathy

Needless to say, empathy is an inevitable trait for leading a successful and happy life. However, empathy – the feeling of compassion doesn’t come naturally to many. It is here where the loving-kindness meditation comes into play. As the name suggests, the practice aims at inculcating the very foundation of kindness and love, which paves the path for empathy. Now that’s a great benefit.

Increases awareness towards nature

Nature is found to be a great healer. And loving-kindness meditation has shown results of increasing inclination towards nature. People who practice this technique regularly are found to be nature connected, which is a great healer.

Spikes down tension

Tension is one of the greatest reasons for stress in the present scenario. Meditation is a cure for tension, and loving-kindness meditation is found to be much helpful in bringing tension to the lowest levels. It brings clarity of thoughts and imbibes a focused approach, keeping tension at bay.

Turns down pain

This particular meditation also has a great impact on pain. A study reveals that it helps turn down the pain quotient by about 33%. Not just common pain, loving-kindness meditation has also proved impactful on chronic pain such as back pain. Sincere practice of meditation can easily help to reduce pain levels. Now that’s one natural benefit without any side effects.

Decelerates the aging process

Scientifically speaking, there is a small part of the chromosome, which is called telomeres, that are an indication of one’s age. So, if the telomeres are long, it means one is young and vice-versa. Now, this specific mediation is beneficial in maintaining the length of the telomere. Now that’s one benefit everyone craves for.


So go ahead and try loving-kindness meditation today and reap their benefits.

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