Different Types Of Meditation Can Help You Attain Better Mental Health

Types Of Meditation: Which One Is Best For Your Self

Meditation is the practice of mindfulness. It is not how one can be a better person or anything. It just deals with happiness, which is the best state of mind. There are different types of meditation in the world.

Types Of Meditation Every Individual Can Try Out:

There are many types of meditation for different people. Keep reading to find out the best type for you.

1. Mindfulness Meditation Is The First One Of  The Types Of Meditation

Types Of Meditation: Which One Is Best For Your Self
Types Of Meditation: Which One Is Best For Your Self

It originates from the method of Lord Buddha. It is the most popular kind of meditation in the west. In this type of meditation, you need to pay attention to yourself the most. Paying attention to the thoughts that cross your mind while meditating is part of the process. You don’t need to judge them. Always try to listen to your inner voice because it helps. It can be practiced alone.

2. Spiritual Meditation

It is a part of meditation in eastern culture. In Hinduism, this meditation is like a prayer. It reflects your inner silence. It brings you closer to god. Make you seek a deeper connection with the god and the universe. There are some essential oils that are an important part of this. Some widely used oils are Frankincense, Myrrh, Sage, etc.

3. Focused Meditation Is Also A Newly Found One

It involves a concentration of mind. This helps you to concentrate on your breathing or any other influence. It can be anything that requires concentration. Even looking at a calm lake view or falling of rain in a wide lake or listening to smooth music. It seems very simple at first in theory. But practice in real life can be tough for beginners. As the name suggested this is essential for those who seek additional motivation in their life.

4. Movement Meditation, A New Type Of Meditation Of Life

Movement meditation may sound like a type of Yoga. But there is a huge difference between yoga and movement meditation. Movement meditation can be anything your mind finds peace in. It can be walking in the garden or park or sea beach. This can be gardening your flowers. It can be swimming or any physical work. It is good for people who find peace in working. People who let their mind wander can also enjoy this type.

5. Mantra Meditation

Uttering a chant or mantra is an essential part of this type of meditation. It is prominent in many cultures. This uses repetitive words or phrases in the mind. It is good for people who don’t like silence and loves repeating words in their minds.

Types Of Meditation: Which One Is Best For Your Self
Types Of Meditation: Which One Is Best For Your Self

6. Transcendental Meditation Is The Best Among The Types Of Meditation

It is the most popular type of meditation around the globe. This practice is a customized part of the Mantra meditation. This is good for people who like the concept of meditation and serious about that. People who keep practicing meditation in their everyday life are fond of this meditation.

Whether someone is looking forward to reducing stress or trying to find spiritual enlightenment, meditation is the best way to do so. So have a little courage. Push yourself out of the comfort zone and find the best way for meditation for you.

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