The Zazen Meditation Guide – Things That You Need To Know

zazen meditation guide

Meditation is one of the best practices that you can follow to make your body feel better and it also calms you and keeps you sane through all the problems of your life. There are many different meditation techniques that you can follow and one such technique that has gained a lot of momentum is the zazen meditation technique. This is the kind of meditation that follows the zen practice and it is as amazing as the other types of meditation that you can try. 

There are some basics that you must know about this meditation so that you can perform it in the best way possible. You will love the way that you will feel after you are done with the meditation. This is the list of the simple poses that you can do under this technique of meditation so you need to check it out if you have interest in doing this meditation. 

Burmese Position

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There may be several leg positions when sitting with your legs crossed. The first and easiest is the Burmese posture, with legs crossed and both feet are on the ground. However, your knees should also be on the floor, although sometimes you need to straighten your legs slightly to make them as low as possible. After a while, the muscles relax and the knees begin to sag. To do this, sit your body slightly forward on the first third of the zafu. Imagine that the top of your head is lifted towards the ceiling and stretched in this way, straightening your spine and softening the muscles. The buttocks are facing up on the zafu, and the belly is slightly protruding. The lower back may be slightly curved. In this position, you can keep your body upright with very little effort.

Full Lotus Position

So far, the most stable of all positions is the full lotus position, with each foot on the other side of the thigh. It is completely symmetrical and very strong, but the hip needs a lot of flexibility, so it may take a while. It takes time and energy, not all types of people need it. Stability and efficiency are some of the important reasons that sitting cross-legged on the floor works so well. But remember, the most important thing for zazen is to train the mind. This is one of the easiest positions that you can do and if you are not able to balance your body then you can practice this and you’ll surely get better. 

Seiza Position

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One of the positions that you can do is known as the seiza position. You can do Seiza on your knees without a pillow, and your hips on your feet, creating an anatomical pillow. You can also use pillows to support the weight of your ankles. Seiza uses the Seiza bench, which can reduce all the weight of the legs and help keep the spine straight.


This is all you need to know about the zazen meditation and its basics so that you can try it if you want. The zazen meditation guide teaches you all about meditation and the techniques that it needs and this zazen meditation guide is great. If you find this kind of meditation interesting then you must try it for yourself and see how it works for you. 

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