The Crucial Stages Of Spiritual Awakening

Spiritual awakening spurs a sense of soul searching and scouting the real meaning of life. Described as a journey, the spiritual awakening process can be exciting, scary, and confusing at the same time. 

The stages of spiritual awakening can be broadly classified into 5 segments, which are explained below.

Phase 1- The Phase Of A Dark Period

Generally, this is the very beginning of a spiritual awakening. Scenarios that arise are the death of closed ones, a health crisis, a bad phase in one’s life, or just a curiosity to understanding the deeper meaning of life. The ultimate thing here is to understand is that one starts questioning one’s existence and the real purpose of one’s life. This stage is very important as it acts like a seed that grows the plant of spiritual awakening. 

Stage 2-Hope!Hope! Hope!

Yes, this is the next stage of spiritual awakening. Although delved deep into thoughts of darkness, somehow, there is a ray of hope that starts gleaming up. It could be a sign that triggers fortune or some indication that focuses on a solution path. Indeed it is an awakening phase, and though one may find all thoughts confusing and beserk, trust me, it is the universe saying that everything is happening as per the divine’s plan. So, go with the flow.

Stage 3- Curiosity

The next phase is the curiosity phase, wherein one starts seeking answers to the myriad questions that pop into one’s head. This could mean juggling through the Vedas, scouting through mystic readings, or just browsing spiritual signs and their meanings. An essential step towards spiritual awakening is imperative to look for ways to strengthen one’s spiritual thirst. As with everything else, faith plays a crucial role in finalizing what works for you. It could be the traditional Hindu chants or the western knowledge; as far as it is working for you, it is the best. 

Stage 4- Inner conflict

Inevitably when you traverse through an unknown path, it is quite possible to start questioning and perhaps having a conflict about whether this is right or not. More precisely, spiritual and scientific facts start contracting each other, leaving one perplexed. But here is where you need to keep calm and back up spiritualism with metaphysics and other scientific statements to keep a sane mind. The conflict can go on for a while, and that’s okay. It is part and parcel of the entire process of awakening.

Stage 5- Understanding the journey

Once your thoughts are aligned, it becomes easier to understand the entire purpose of being, the essence of spiritualism. Once you know it, it is important to embark on a journey with meditation or anything similar to it encored with oneself. The exercise becomes a practice for the soul, which invokes a deep sense of satisfaction. At this point, many choose to share their journey that liberates and educates others to take inspiration from it. 


The steps mentioned above could appear at different times and in different formats after all spiritual awakening is a personalized experience that is truly priceless.

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