The Benefits of Transcendental Meditation

benefits of transcendental meditation

The benefits of Transcendental meditation include a better quality of life, increased creativity and an enriched experience of spiritual life. The benefits of TM are the core elements of the Science of Self-Mastery (SUM). The underlying premise of this concept is that the mind can achieve its full potential by allowing the unconscious mind to operate a full brain function. Through the processes of breathing, Movement, meditation and imagination, a state of calm and relaxation can be reached.

Healthier Heart And Lower Cholesterol Levels


The benefits of transcendental meditation techniques include a healthier heart and lower cholesterol levels. The results of a scientific review of medical studies conducted on participants who have engaged in TM indicated lower incidence of heart disease. Another study indicated that participants who practiced TM had a 21% reduction in high blood pressure. The benefits of TM stretch far beyond preventing heart disease, however. The consistent findings across the scientific studies were that participants who practiced TM exhibited a higher quality of life and enhanced their sense of well-being, as well as a reduction in stress and anxiety.

The primary goal of Transcendental meditation technique TM is to bring the mind, body and spirit into balance. One of the primary goals of TM is to decrease the stress and anxiety that we experience everyday. The effects of stress and anxiety can lead to a variety of health problems such as high blood pressure, insomnia, depression and digestive disorders. The consistent results of the studies conducted on participants who engaged in TM indicated that they had lower rates of chronic pain, as well as a reduction in depression and stress. Additionally, several of the participants who underwent rigorous TM meditation practice indicated an enhanced sense of creativity and an enhanced ability to concentrate and focus on task.

Another benefit of TM is its potential for reducing the risk of heart disease. In a randomly assigned controlled trial, the participants who participated in TM had significantly lower rates of heart disease. This finding is noteworthy given the public’s increasing awareness and concern with regards to heart disease. The results of this study indicate that the benefits of TM could help to reduce the risk of heart disease by as much as thirty percent.

Stress reduction is also a TM benefit. Many of the disorders that are the result of high levels of stress include insomnia, depression, anxiety and chronic pain. The consistent results of the studies conducted on participants who engaged in TM indicated that they had lower stress response. The effects of transcendental meditation are not solely limited to stress reduction. Other physiological benefits of TM include reduced blood pressure and heart rate, as well as an increase in spiritual awareness.

Final Words


In addition to the important health benefits of reducing stress, another reason to consider a transcendental meditation program is the increased quality of life that one experiences. Those who meditate regularly find that they are able to enjoy a greater sense of well-being. They also experience less stress and are less likely to have adverse reactions to everyday activities. By taking part in a comprehensive and effective stress management and relaxation technique, many people begin to see the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and are motivated to make it a part of their everyday routine.

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