Stages of Spiritual Awakening – What Are They

stages spiritual awakening

The Stages of Spiritual Awakening can be thought of as a journey. Each of the individual stages has its own characteristics that set it apart from the others. And in each of these stages, there will be a turning point, a climax, and then a period of rest.

But for every spiritual awakening there is always an interruption, a turning point that detaches the seeker from the journey. When this happens, the seeker will need to go back on the spiritual journey and this time go through another turning point or stage. It may seem like a useless or unnecessary step, but the journey itself is what makes it meaningful and restorative.

An Overview

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Stages of spiritual awakening are not a simple story that a person tells to another person. It is a series of experiences that a person goes through, each experience giving him lessons and strengthening his resolve to continue on the spiritual journey. When a person gets to the final chapter of his spiritual development, the turning point that separated him from the journey is revealed. And in that moment, the person begins the process of putting his spiritual beliefs and practices into action to transform his life and create a more fulfilling life for him and his fellow people.

But this is not something that happens overnight. This is not a process that takes months or years. Stages of spiritual awakening can last from several years to several decades. This is because it is a process that requires patience, persistence, and determination on the part of the seeker.

High Benefits

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But if this process is successfully completed, there will be a substantial spiritual change and improvement in the person’s life. The improvement will not happen overnight and it won’t happen without consistent effort and prayers on the part of the individual. This is why it is important to note that even if you have already experienced this particular spiritual milestone, there is still a lot of work ahead of you. You must be dedicated and ready to go through this whole process again in order to complete your spiritual life transformation.

There are several stages of spiritual awakening. Each stage has its own significance. For example, in the first stage, a person experiences a sense of being guided, nurtured, and inspired by the presence of divine power within him/her. This divine presence provides the person with inner peace and also helps him/her discover his/her own unique spiritual identity. This divine guidance and identity can help the person achieve peace and love within him/herself and also help him/her grow spiritually and develop his/her personality.

Second Stage

The second stage of spiritual life transition involves the person’s gradual understanding and separation from his former self. During the process of the first stage, the person may feel like living a carefree and joyous life. He has a clearer vision of who he/she is and what he/she wants out of life. The second stage brings more of a sense of inner peace, and the person begins to slowly realize how much he/she is loved and supported by the divine spirit. In this stage, you may experience a renewed commitment to your spiritual path and beliefs. You will also become aware of the fact that you have an innate ability to create miracles, provided you believe in the truth of God.


The third stage of spiritual awakening brings a deeper understanding of the purpose of life. At this stage, the person begins to have second thoughts about some of the basic beliefs of his/her religion. He may also come to terms with the fact that certain practices and rituals have been destructive in the past and that ignoring these practices and beliefs now would be detrimental to his/her spiritual growth. Furthermore, the person may also begin to have realistic expectations for the future of his spiritual life.

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