Spiritualism Through Meditation: Seeking Connection With The Unknown

Spiritualism, Seeking The Connection With The Unknown World

Spiritualism has a deep connection with the practice of meditation. But, if you have delved into the world of meditation, you are probably already aware of it. However, for those who are looking for ways to attain spiritualism and inner peace, meditation is the best step ahead. How, do you ask? We will find out about it all today!

What Is Spiritualism?

Spiritualism is as far away from anything to do with spirits, as astronomy is from astrology! Anyone who is into spiritualism will explain to you, it deals with reaching out to one’s inner-self. It is more about self-realization and finding peace within.

It is necessary to find someone who can be the connection between the mortal world and immortality. Commonly they are known as mediums, the media to connect the two worlds.

Spiritualism Through Meditation: Seeking Connection With The Unknown
Spiritualism Through Meditation: Seeking Connection With The Unknown

Spiritualism And Its Principles

The concept of spiritualism consists of 7 principles. Those are binds with the central dogma of each individuality. This will be a fundamental foundation for developing a personal philosophy. The followings are the general idea of each principle.

Main Principle Of Spiritualism

The fatherhood of God is the first most important and main principle of spiritualism.

Spiritualism helps us to accept energy that is divine. The force of almighty create everything we can see and it will sustain to all it’s creation. The god’s spirit exists within everything in this materialistic world. As we are the children of God so we are definitely one family. And God will always be the father of ours.

Second Principle Of Spiritualism

As human is created by God, he is the father of every human being in this world. So everyone is in the same family where god is the father. In that case, they all are the brothers. This creates equality in this world. This feeling creates better security, peace for the betterment of the world. Always try to understand what people need the most. And try to help each other regardless of the color of skin or race or anything.

Ministry Of Angels And The Spirits Communion

This is probably the area that creates much confusion about the true nature of spiritualism. It is true, just like any other religion, spiritualists believe in the concept of soul or spirit and the existence of angels. This created a segment among the spiritualists who seek to make connection with the spirits of the deceased. Needless to mention that this remains a highly debatable segment. However, clearly, meditation does not have much to do with summoning the spirits, that is if it is indeed true!

Existence Of Human Soul In Spiritualism

Death can’t change the personality of anyone. The human soul will always be unchanged. The soul will continue to live in different dimensions.

Personal Responsibility

No one can replace their responsibility. No other person or any external influence on us can change our right or wrongdoing.

Compensation Of Good And Bad In The World Of Spiritualism

When we will meet God, we will have the opportunity to relive our life. We have the power to take stock and think about how could I change the deeds.

Spiritualism, Seeking The Connection With The Unknown World
Spiritualism, Seeking The Connection With The Unknown World

Meditation Can Help With Eternal Progress

At the core of spiritualism there lies the concept of eternal progress. This is nothing but constant development of the soul. Since spiritualists believe that the soul is indestructible, hence quite often we hear about eternal progress after death. However, in reality, your soul is on a constant journey and that includes the time you are living. So, it is upon you whether or not you wish to develop your soul all through your life.

Meditation allows the person to attain a greater understanding of the unknown, which is our inner-self. believe it or not, when it comes to understanding and comprehension, we know the least about ourselves. Meditation allows you to gain access to your deep and underlying thoughts, emotions, and feelings. It also allows you to control them and craft your life the way you wish to. This is nothing but eternal progress. And, meditation can certainly help you embark on this journey!

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