Spiritual Awakening Symptoms – Are You Having Trouble Being Spiritual

spiritual awakening symptoms

Spiritual awakening can be defined as a spiritual state of mind where you have complete inner knowledge of yourself. This kind of awareness can be reached by many different methods, but the most important one in spiritual awakening would be to remove all the mental blockage and misconceptions that surround you. Spiritual awakening is very popular these days and there are many books available on this topic.

Spiritual awakening is one of the topics we love to read about but it appears quite confusing to us sometimes. Like every subject that is more popular, it’s also hard to find out the real meaning behind it and learn what to do and what not to do. It is clear that many people are searching for the real meaning of spiritual awakening symptoms because they want to experience something that is even better than they are used to. On the other hand, if you are also interested to know more about this topic then keep reading this article as I will provide you with some of the basic information regarding this topic. There are many spiritual awakening symptoms but they are all caused by a single reason: thought-chatter.

Spiritual Awakening Symptoms

Spiritual Awakening

First of all, let me explain the meaning of this word. Chattering in our sleep state occurs when we are awake and is a normal phenomenon. However, during spiritual awakening, it becomes much more serious and irritating. This symptom appears when we have negative thought-chatter and our overall well-being goes down.

Another well-known symptom is experiencing intense feelings of peace, love, and joy. Although it is hard to believe, sometimes when we are in deep sleep we may get telepathic messages from an extra-dimensional source. The message may not be nice but it is definitely an all-pervading spiritual force. These messages can be very important for our well-being and sometimes they come in the form of dreams, images, or sensations.

Another very noticeable and very important change that happens during spiritual awakening is that we tend to become much closer to the Oneness. You might have heard about the Oneness. Well, here is the idea in brief: everything including the universe, and we ourselves are made of Oneness. When we spend more time near the Oneness, we spend more time feeling more peaceful and less angry.

A Much Ado

Spiritual Awakening

Another very noticeable change is that awakened individuals tend to feel more connected to their higher selves. This connection makes us more aware of who we really are. The biggest reason behind this is that we spend most of our waking hours basically unaware of ourselves. We are pretty much in a dream state when we are awake. Therefore, we don’t realize that we are actually separate from the body and indeed have our own individuality.

Another big symptom of spiritual awakening in the sense that we have an all-pervading spiritual force. This is actually the core reason why we are here. The idea that this oneness is real is just a very strong manifestation of this deeply-rooted fact. The stronger this all-pervading spiritual force, the easier it is to experience the peace, love, and bliss that we were born with.

Bottom Line 

If you’re not familiar with the above symptoms, don’t worry. They do not mean that you’re stuck in some kind of a spiritual straitjacket. What they actually mean is that you need to start paying more attention to your own inner-self. In other words, you need to stop making the wrong choices so that you can get into the right ones. Hopefully, you’ll start experiencing more spiritual enlightenment soon.

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