Relaxation Techniques: Meditation And More

Meditation And Best Relaxation Techniques

Relaxation techniques are essential keeping in mind the fast pace life that we lead on a daily basis. You have probably come across numerous ways through which you can relax and ensure the best productivity in every aspect of life. And, meditation is certainly going to make the list.

What Causes Stress And What Is The Response?

During the stressful times in our life, we often come across a flight or fight response. This is the situation when norepinephrine and epinephrine get released from adrenal glands. That results in an enhanced pulse rate and blood pressure. Along with these effects, some people may also experience increased blood flow in muscles and fast breathing. Even though these reactions are not considered life-threatening, they are definitely false alarms. When these responses or false alarms increase, that can lead to many side effects. Too much stress can result in insomnia, migraine, high blood pressure, heart disease, immune system disorders, and sexual dysfunction.

How Can You Respond To Stress?

A simple meditation technique or relaxation technique can help in releasing the stress levels in your body. You can start with just a few minutes of sitting and relaxing and later increase it to more time. This will help in controlling stress, improving heart health, reducing anxiety, and also achieving more relaxation.

Essential Relaxation Techniques

Meditation And Best Relaxation Techniques
Meditation And Best Relaxation Techniques

Relaxation can be done in many ways. For some people, it can be just sitting and listening to their favorite song. Others can be running and for some people, it can be walking. But there are some standard relaxation techniques that are designed and followed by experts. There are mainly two steps that should be followed for relaxation.

  • One is trying to repeat a sound, word, prayer, phrase, or some muscular activity
  • Other is trying to disregard distractions or negative thoughts in your mind. After trying this, you should go back to the repetition and when the thoughts arose again you should try discarding them

Initially, you may fall into a loop and you think that you have lost in this fighting between you and discarding the thoughts. But going forward, you will come out of this and start to relax with the help of repetitive prayer or music.

What Are The Responses From Relaxation Techniques?

When you are observing any relaxation technique, there are some specific responses that you will realize yourself. Check them out and find out if you are experiencing them.

  • When you choose the prayer or word for repetition, it should be careful in choosing it. It should have some meaning. It need not be a prayer it can be just a word like om
  • You need to sit comfortably in one place and start focusing on the repetition word. The place you chose should be completely free of distractions
  • It is better to close your eyes and start focusing on relaxing your muscles. You need to start from feet and move towards claves and thighs. Later move upwards to the stomach and then shoulders, and finally head and neck
Meditation And Best Relaxation Techniques
Meditation And Best Relaxation Techniques

When performing this, you need to breathe slowly and it should be natural as well. You need not be conscious when breathing. As much as possible you should try to remove and discard all the thoughts going on your mind and think just about the present. This relaxation practice should go for at least 20 minutes.

The most important thing is even after finishing this technique try to sit for a few minutes. Then try to allow your thoughts to come back to reality. This is the easiest and most commonly used relaxation technique and it is very beneficial as well.

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