Relaxation Techniques For Anger Management

relaxation techniques for anger

Relaxation techniques for anger management may help reduce your stress and offer you a level of comfort you haven’t enjoyed in years. When stress becomes overwhelming, it is important to focus on things that make you feel good, like exercise, taking a warm bath or just listening to music. Some people have turned to self-hypnosis for relaxation techniques for anger management. It’s a good idea to research this further if you are interested, but here are some of the most common of these techniques:


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Self-hypnosis works by recording yourself speaking slowly and clearly while identifying relaxing elements in your voice. You can then use these calming elements to calm your nerves and release stress from your body. You might want to do some specific breathing exercises or think about something pleasant, such as a waterfall or a gentle jog around the block. For the best results, you should do this at least one time a day.

Deep Breathing

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Deep breathing exercises are a great way to relax and ease tensions. They are simple but can be very effective. Simply inhale deeply and hold your breath for about two seconds before releasing, expanding your chest as you do so. Repeat the process several times, focusing on squeezing your abdomen muscles and slowly releasing your air from your lungs. Be careful to breathe in and out completely and exhaling at the same time.


Meditation involves sitting comfortably with your back straight, placing a baggy towel across your lap and putting your palms on the floor. While staring at your hands, you allow yourself to become still. You may use soothing breathing techniques as you do this, and you may ask yourself questions, such as what is your relationship with your body and how you feel when you are angry. Closing your eyes will also help you focus on your hands and your surroundings. Aromatherapy is another one relaxation techniques for anger. Put a couple of drops of oil (your choice) in your hand and sit back with your back against the towel, close your eyes and practise calming down your nervous system by softly massaging your temples and forehead.


If you cannot afford to buy meditation or yoga equipment, you can learn relaxation techniques for anger by finding recordings of professional meditation and yoga sessions. There are also books that have entire courses on relaxation techniques for anger problems. You may want to read these, especially if they are written by well-known experts in the field. However, if you cannot afford to buy relaxation techniques for anger, you can make good use of CDs, DVDs and tapes that already contain some of these techniques.


Aromatherapy and relaxation are not the only things you can do to reduce stress and improve your well-being. You may also want to look at dietary changes to aid in reducing feelings of anger and frustration. Certain foods may be calming to the nerves and increase your ability to cope with difficult situations. Others should be avoided, such as caffeine and nicotine.

Go For A Vacation

Taking a vacation or getting more rest may also be helpful in managing your stress level. You need to take a break from work once in a while. But do not overdo it: Take a short walk or some quiet time. Reading books, meditating or doing relaxation exercises are all great ways to ease yourself into a relaxed state.

Bottom Lines

While relaxation techniques for anger may not completely get rid of your problem, it will help you take control of it. This is very important because you need to feel in charge of your life, otherwise, you will not be able to tackle any problems effectively. And this is something that is absolutely necessary if you want to avoid problems with substance abuse or depression. So take control of your feelings, and relax.

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