Reasons to Take a Spiritual Journey

spiritual journey

A spiritual journey is an intimate and personal quest to deeply explore your deeper insight into life. Some folks choose to undertake a spiritual journey to answer deeper questions about their own life by posing profound questions themselves. The journey may, for example, assist them to understand their purpose for life in general. Others choose to make spiritual journeys as a way to help others do the same. Regardless of why a person makes a spiritual journey, it can be an extremely transformational experience.

There are several different kinds of spiritual journeys. There is the Christian spiritual journey which involves the search for your relationship with God. There is also the Hindu journey of self-discovery and purification. Then there is the Buddhist path of spiritual development and enlightenment. There are also the Jewish spiritual journeys which can be described as a search for the meaning of life and a commitment to building a meaningful life for oneself. And then there are the spiritual journeys of other religions such as Islam, which often involve a commitment to a broader community and a return to basic roots.

An Overview

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Anyone who is embarking on a spiritual journey needs to find ways to deal with the many challenges and obstacles that life presents itself with. One way to do this is to embark on a spiritual journey with the assistance of guided meditation. Guided meditation is not just about listening to guided meditation CDs or using guided imagery.

Guided meditation can actually help you to transcend the limitations of the present moment through the process of self-observation. This will empower you to see and learn about the true nature and essence of your entire life. Through the process of self-observation you will be able to see, to name a few things, the ego, the emotions, the mind, the world and more and you will be able to see that these things do not have any bearing whatsoever upon the true nature and essence of your spiritual and physical being.

The ego is the part of your mind that is your guide and is in constant control over every one of your thoughts, emotions and every decision you make in every one of your waking moments. Every choice you make has an effect upon the ego and all of the decisions you make are based on the ego. And no matter how grand or small a decision may seem, it has an effect upon the ego. Even if you consider it insignificant, it still has an effect upon the ego. No matter how insignificant we try to make our lives, we are swept up by the ego and its endless pull. And when we become victim to the ego, we embark on a spiritual journey.

Taking A Spiritual Journey

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If you have been to a spiritual meditation class, you may have noticed that students are encouraged to read sacred texts during their spiritual journeys. This is because in those classes, the teachers take great care in instructing their pupils in controlling their imaginations and inhibitions and also in developing their spiritual journeys as well. Sacred texts such as the Bible and the Koran are wonderful ways to control one’s imagination, and at the same time, help the spiritual journeys they are embarking on. And when a person reads a sacred text, he or she can expect to receive specific guidance regarding how to live according to that particular sacred text. They will be given insight into how to live better lives according to the commands of the sacred texts and as a result, they will go a long way towards developing an enhanced sense of spirituality and insight.

Another reason why it is important for people to read sacred texts while on their spiritual journeys is because many people have gone on and returned from them having left behind many deep and disturbing emotional issues which may lead to depression and illness. It is important for one to remember that even after leaving a spiritual journey, there will still be issues with the subconscious mind, which may lead to problems and traumas. So if one were to ignore these problems and fears after one has left the journey, they may become worse and can cause a person to become depressed. Reading sacred texts can act as a kind of precaution since they can help a person overcome past traumas and negative issues so they do not create similar situations in the future.

Lastly, a spiritual journey can also act as a preparation for another spiritual journey. Many people have left their spiritual journeys with a sense of renewal and inner peace. In fact, a lot of religious groups encourage that one goes through a spiritual journey at least once in their entire life to allow the soul to gain clarity on the things that truly matter and the things that are merely superficial. Aside from inner peace, it also allows one to gain insight on how one may cope with life’s struggles. In other words, going on a spiritual journey allows a person to see things from different perspectives so they can avoid getting trapped in the quagmires of life and death. Indeed, taking a spiritual journey can be a wise decision to make in one’s life because it not only helps you in the short-term, but it also provides insight and will enable one to attain greater wisdom and awareness in the future.

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