Read These Relaxation Techniques For Anxiety Attacks

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Anxiety attacks have become a common stance in the current scenario. Owing to a stressful, busy life, many find themselves engulfed in the cobwebs of anxiety. Anxiety is very harmful to one’s health and hence one must learn ways to keep them aloof from it. Fortunately, some techniques can be learned to control anxiety attacks. Read on to know more about them.

Progressive Muscle Relaxation– Our bodies and minds are connected. Hence, progressive muscle relaxation techniques, sometimes also referred to as PMR, can calm the body and mind. This technique helps in stretching muscles of the body that indirectly impacts our mind and eventually the mind. As the name suggests, the methodology aims at the progressive nature of muscle relaxation, which helps make the mind peaceful.


Sincerely, practicing this technique can help one be aware of the muscle constrictions ( which happens during tension and anxiety) and help relax them. 

  • 54321 Grounding method It is generally said that the best way to help heal against anxiety or panic attacks is to consciously start counting backward. The method has proved scientifically to soothe one’s mind. Using the concept, a unique technique called the 54321 grounding method has been devised to curb anxiety attacks. Herein, one uses one’s attention to focus on things that make one happy. It could be elements from one surrounding or the world around. The goal is to divert one’s attention towards the happiness quotient and thus distract one from the pain of anxiety.
  • Meditation– Meditation is a great way to keep anxiety at bay. Meditation technique has been in vogue for ages and has been proved to an efficient method to keep one’s mind at peace. There are about 33 different meditation techniques, and one can explore one that suits one personality. Loving-kindness meditation is one such methodology that imbibes a sense of empathy and compassion, thus curbing anxiety panics. 
  • Yoga– Yoga has been in existence for ages. The poses are so devised that they have a direct impact on one’s body as well as mind. Yoga also focuses on breathing, which is a great way to be aware of one. Self-awareness helps in conscious relaxation, which is imperative in leading a satisfied and anxiety-free life. 
  • Guided imagery– Also referred to as visualization technique, it is a very powerful strategy to keep one away from anxiety. Guided imagery uses the process of imagining visuals such as places or things that invoke a happiness quotient. The idea is to generate positive vibes by picturing things or places that make one feel good. Feeling good sends out vibrations that help generate a happy vibe. So, guided imagery can be very helpful for people who face anxiety attacks though it might need some practice. 

These techniques are all unique in their special way. All it needs is consistency in practicing them to get the desired output. So, try them and cherish their benefits, keeping anxiety attacks controlled as much as possible.

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