Must-Try Progressive Relaxation Techniques

progressive relaxation techniques

Today our lifestyles are such that we are often stressed and fatigued. Lack of exercise, work pressures, family problems and poor lifestyles make our body and mind weak and often tired. If we ignore these problems, they may lead to major repercussions later on. To feel well and to stay happy from within, you need to try some basic relaxation techniques to calm your mind and soothe your muscles. Here are some must-try progressive relaxation techniques.

Progressive muscle relaxation is a method that helps you relieve tensions in your muscles. If you often get a spasm in your neck or shoulders, you can try these techniques to free yourself. It is also a proven fact that your body responds with muscle tension when you are stressed in your life. These techniques, therefore, help you de-stress your mind and body both.

Progressive Relaxation Techniques

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  • First you need to tense a group of muscles are you breathe in, then relax them as you breathe out. This technique helps you work on different muscle groups in a chosen order.
  • It is a proven fact that a person does not feel anxious when the body is relaxed. Regular practice of practice of these techniques will make you better experienced and eventually, you will learn how to relieve stress easily.
  • Initially, you may use audio recordings to guide you and then you will learn eventually.
  • Progressive relaxation techniques also help people with insomnia.


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  • Breathe in and tense the muscle group you want to focus on, for 4 to 10 minutes.
  • Breathe out and suddenly relax the muscle group you have been tensing.
  • Then relax for 10 to 20 seconds and then repeat the same on a different muscle group. You will notice how suddenly your muscles will begin to feel better as they relax.
  • When all your muscle groups have been exercised this way, count backward from 5 to 1 and then get your focus back to the present.

Different Progressive Relaxation Techniques for Different Muscle Groups

  • Hands – If you want to relax your hands, you need to clench them.
  • Wrists and Forearms – The best way to relax your wrists is by extending your wrists and arms.
  • Biceps and Upper Arms – You need to clench your hands into fists and then bend your arms at the elbows. Then flex your biceps.
  • Shoulders – you can shrug your shoulders and raise them towards your ears.
  • Forehead – Wrinkle it into a deep frown and then release quickly. This will help you get rid of a headache.
  • Area around the Eyes and Bridge of the Nose – Close your eyes as tightly as possible and then release quickly. Repeat this a couple of times to relax the muscles.
  • Neck – Press the back of your head against the floor or chair to relieve tension as the back of your neck and then touch your chin to your chest to relieve tensions at the front of your neck.

These are some of the best progressive relaxation techniques for tensed muscles.

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