Mindfulness Meditation For Beginners Guide

beginners guide to meditation

If you think you are nodding yes, this beginner’s guide to meditation may be just for you. This is only one method of getting started, there is a more efficient way to open your mind to inner happiness and peace, to simply let go at the very beginning and be willing to gently let go at the end. Interested? Then this how-to-start-a-new-life series is exactly what you need. This article will start by describing how the article has been structured:

Journey Toward Meditation

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The first paragraph will describe our journey toward meditation, for how this method of mental health improvement is similar to some physical practices we all have done. Just to remind ourselves of how easy it can be to practice breathing exercises to release tensions and calm the senses. Next, we will talk about the bodily sensations we can experience as well as the mental perceptions that can arise from those sensations, which in turn create the very feeling of happiness and well-being meditation aims to achieve. The three topics are intertwined: physical exercises, breathing exercises and meditation.

Breathing Exercises

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Let’s start with breathing exercises, since this is one of the most fundamental elements in achieving this goal of meditation. To access concentration, we must first allow our minds and bodies to relax; the easier the better. We can do this through our breathing, through relaxation and through a variety of techniques.

One way to open our minds and bodies is through distraction. When we are focusing on something, we are usually not aware of what is actually happening around us. However, even for a short time we can still experience the sensation of being distracted, which in turn can be very stressful, especially for people who tend to be really focused on their work. When we experience a distraction, the simplest way to bring ourselves back into focus is to breathe deeply, particularly while relaxing. For beginner’s guide to meditation, the most common distraction is sight: seeing things that are far away or objects we cannot see with our bare eyes.

Focus On The Sensations 

To get distracted, we also have to train our attention to notice and focus on the sensations that arise without our noticing them. These sensations may be sounds, smells, tastes, feelings, tastes of touch, emotions and many other sensations that occur in every time we are in a certain situation. Practicing mindful awareness when we are in these situations will help us avoid getting distracted. The easiest way to train our minds and bodies to be more aware of these sensations is through breath awareness meditation.

Bottom Lines

Learning to observe the present moment as it unfolds before you and developing a heightened sense of mindfulness meditation will greatly improve your concentration and your ability to get things done in a timely manner. Mindfulness meditation for beginners guide teaches you how to learn to be present in the moment, allowing yourself to experience all the pleasant and unpleasant sensations that arise without trying to change them. This quality of meditation can help you relax more effortlessly and bring more focus and clarity to your life.

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