Information About The Spiritual Awakening Process

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Many people are confused about spiritual awakening. Many others claim to have found different spiritual awakenings. To help you find the right path for yourself, here we have categorized the main parts of a spiritual awakening process. There are four stages of spiritual awakening, and here is how  you should navigate through it.

What is Spiritual Awakening?

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This is a process of becoming more aware of your presence and reason to live. It makes you realize that there is more to life than just your mundane life chores. Different people have different experiences in their journey to becoming more spiritually awakened. Some hear noises and some others think they may go crazy. When a person becomes spiritually awakened, he/she experiences a sudden shift in their beliefs. You want to explore more about your purpose in life.

Stage One – Forgiveness and Intention

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The first step in your spiritual awakening journey is forgiveness. You need to forgive all those you have hurt you, wronged you and you also need to forgive yourself for things you could not do or achieve in life. You also need to forgive yourself for any wrong that you have done. Forgiving sets you completely free and helps you attain peace of mind.

Next, you need to focus on intention. You need to introspect and ask questions like who are you and what is your purpose in life. This will help you connect with yourself on a deeper level.

Stage Two – Surrender

Next, you need to let go of control, or your desire to get everything done in a certain way. You need to let go of dominance, and be open to newer possibilities. This is the toughest part of spiritual awakening process. Everything in life is seen as opportunities. Once you master this skill, you prevent yourself from grieving or getting depressed when things do not happen as you want.

Stage 3 – Flow or Walking with God

Once you start believing that God is within us and is walking with us and leading us, you will find yourself flowing in the journey of life towards God. It is also the realization that God has created each one of us with a special purpose in life and that we all have a reason to be here.

Stage 4 – Unity and Oneness with God

This is the final stage of spiritual awakening process or enlightenment. In this process, you learn to break free of judging yourselves and others. You learn to accept one and all. Once you achieve this feeling and mindset, you can call yourself to be spiritually awakened. You learn to let go of your past vengeances and be a happy person from within. Once you learn to be happy from within, happiness will radiate from your outer self as well. You need a lot of practice to reach through this stage of life. Spirituality teaches you how to lead your life in a better way.

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