How To Use Music In Your Youtube Spirit Guide Meditation

youtube spirit guide meditation

There are so many people interested in YouTube Spirit Guide meditation. The question is, how do you find out more about YouTube Spirit Guide meditation?

 Start With The Basics

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So, let’s start with the basics. What is this thing called YouTube Spirit Guide? YouTube is the internet’s most popular video sharing site. Millions of people and millions of different videos are posted on YouTube every day. Many people visit YouTube just to relax, but some use it as a way to connect to someone else or to share their thoughts and ideas.

When you search for YouTube Spirit Guide meditation on Google, you will see a lot of results come up. But, who are these people? You can’t be too specific, can you? Instead of narrowing your search down to just a few videos, you might want to narrow it down even more. For example, you could type in Spirit Guide meditation, or YouTube Spirit Guide meditation.

 YouTube Spirit Guide Meditation

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What do you want to find when you do a YouTube Spirit Guide meditation? You want to find information that will answer your questions and help you understand the process better. But where do you get this information? If you are doing a search on Google, you won’t find much helpful information. The result of a search on YouTube also won’t give you much information.

So, how do you use YouTube to get answers to your questions and help clarify things? You can watch the actual person doing the guide meditation. Watch it a few times and see how they do it. Then, read the descriptions of each video. Find one that seems to have a lot of information that you can relate to. Watch the person do the guide meditation several times.

Listen To The Meditation

After watching the video several times, and reading the descriptions, listen to the meditation. That way, you can pick up the meditation and understand it better. You can start creating your own version of the meditation. Perhaps you will want to include healing music, or visualize an object, such as a healing stone. You can even add some questions to the meditation, such as what is the best way to get rid of sin or attracting more money.

The last way you can use YouTube for a YouTube Spirit Guide meditation is to use it as a blog. You can write about the meditation, post videos of it, and add other comments. This is a great way to share the meditation with family and friends, and you can give them insight into how to do a guide meditation.

Final Words

Finally, don’t forget to use Music! This is very important in YouTube spirit guides. The most important thing is that you match the type of music that you are using with the type of meditation. If you are meditating for example on a piano, then the music should be uplifting and peaceful. If on the other hand, you are trying to overcome your fears by meditating alone, then perhaps something like a classical tune would be appropriate.

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