How To Start Using Meditation Guide

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Often it takes the form of an energy being who interacts and guides you through the various steps of meditation. Your guide is there to teach you, motivate you, comfort you, and also to help you move through the process with ease. Here are a few guided meditation techniques designed to put you on track to experiencing the peace, joy, and positive change you seek in your life.

Begin by being extremely relaxed and comfortable. Next, clear your mind of all thoughts, feelings, and worries. Focus only on your breathing and the sounds that come from it. This guided meditation technique works best when you are lying down, but even when you’re sitting up, you can still practice this guided meditation technique.

Lying Down, Slowly And Deeply

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Begin counting backwards while you are still lying down, slowly and deeply. Count from one to five. When you reach five, start raising your body higher and lowering it again. Continue doing this for as long as you feel comfortable. These guided meditation techniques are good for both beginners and experts, and even if you’ve done them before, you can easily add them to your daily meditation routine.

If you feel like you need something to help you along the way, then there are several guided meditation CDs available on the market today. There are as many varieties of these CDs as there are guided meditation techniques, and they all serve to put you in touch with your spirit guide. Most guided meditation CDs are formatted in a very easy to listen to format. They are not just repeated phrases or sounds but are woven together into a cohesive meditative track that makes them easier to listen to and easier to incorporate into your daily meditation routine.

Tracks That You Can Play Again

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Some of the guides that you can find on the market today have tracks that you can play again. Each guided meditation CD contains an introductory recording that is meant to put you in the proper state of mind. After the intro, there is another track that contains the meditation instructions in a meditative style. It could also contain ambient sounds or music that is uplifting and encourages you to feel peaceful. There are even some CDs that contain voices of spiritual teachers that guide you through the guided meditation process.

Many people use a spirit guide during meditation, but some just do it because they enjoy the silence and stillness that comes from doing a guided meditation. It could be as simple as sitting in a comfortable chair with your eyes closed and thoughts swirling around in your head. You could use your own imagination and put yourself into the proper state of mind to focus on your breathing. Some people even choose not to do a guided meditation at all, but instead just close their eyes and listen to classical music while doing some deep breathing exercises. Whatever your personal preference, guided meditation can help you reach your full physical and mental potential.

CD To Help You Get In Touch With Your Spirit Guide

You might be wondering how you would choose the right guided meditation CD to help you get in touch with your spirit guide. The answer is simply to find one with quality tracks that have been produced by experts.

These tracks will be more likely to offer you the insight that you need in reaching your full physical and mental potential. A good quality guided meditation CD should not only provide you with relaxation and peace but also inspire you to learn more about the things that are really important to you.


Using guided meditation and a spirit guide will open up new possibilities for you. This could be a great way for you to achieve your goals, or to just learn more about yourself and the world around you. A good meditation CD will be able to put you into a positive and empowered state of mind that will make it easier for you to use the information that you have learned during your meditation sessions.

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