How to Go on a Journey to Spirituality

spiritual journey

The Five Steps of Your Spiritual Journey describe the rhythm and cycles of your journey. The five steps which make up the spiritual journey help you find a practical way to make sense of the ebb and flow of your journey and your life.

These five steps repeat over and over again in each moment, in each day, within all the problems, challenges, and opportunities of your life. You may be in the first step on one issue, and the second step on another, and the last step on yet another — all at the same time.

Step One: The Call — Hearing Spirit Within

This is the Call — a knowing that this is for you — whatever this is! Somewhere within is an urge or push forward to engage with yourself and the world in some way. A beginner approaches newness without prior experience and usually without a lot of preconceived notions.

This is the basis for Beginner’s Mind: an openness to learn, stepping past expectation and preconceptions. In Beginner’s Mind, you hold yourself, your heart and your mind open to receive, ready to learn.

Step Two: Preparation — Making room for spirit to dwell

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In this step, you do whatever you need to do to be prepared to answer The Call. This process of preparation is also one of inner cleaning and of inner awareness.

Letting go of old stories, limiting beliefs, and all that is not essentially you creates space within for Spirit to dwell. Primary Spiritual Concept: Present Moment. When your attention is focused on the past, you can become stuck in blame. Whereas fear and worry can glue attention to an anticipated, but not yet occurred, future. Stuck in either the past or the future, you are without the centered balance of this moment, here, now. Present moment is the place of awareness and action.

Step Three: Initiation — Receiving the energy of spirit

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Standing ready to continue your journey, you willingly open and receive everything necessary: New knowledge, new practice, new points of view, new ways of BE-ing.

Not that you will now understand the entirety of your call to journey, but through truth, faith, and intention, Initiation brings your attention to what you will need to complete your journey. Primary Spiritual Concept: Intention. Claiming intention is how you consciously engage in the creative energy flow of the universe. Without intention you are a ship lost in stormy seas. Whether your desire is getting to an appointment on time, changing careers, or raising a child, intention focuses your attention, your observation, and your awareness. Through intention, you state your desired direction to yourself, to others, and to the infinite and eternal flow of All That Is.

Step Four: Transformation — Letting spirit guide

Spiritual transformation is often described as the primary goal of spiritual activity. As the fourth step in your spiritual journey, transformation is not the end game. Instead, transformation occurs in the moment when you release your limiting stories, judgments, and fears.

When you willingly allow yourself to stand in that vulnerable place of observation of all your warts and disfigurements. Transformation begins in the moment where you risk all to come face to face with the powerful truth of your deepest being. Primary Spiritual Concept: Integrity. Integrity, often identified as honesty, is also the state of being complete, undivided, whole. Integrity with self allows and encourages us to step into the vulnerability, risk, and powerful shift of transformation.

Step Five: Integration — Heart and mind as one with spirit

Integration asks you to bring together heart and mind, physical and spiritual, within and without. Integration asks that you step forward with all of who you are, imperfections and dreams, warts, scars, and hard-won understandings of life’s truths. Integration presents the opportunity to join all your parts together in whatever manner may serve your truth in this moment. Primary Spiritual Concept: Sacred Space

Sacred Space is created within you when the spiritual and physical components of your balance yield to and integrate with the transcendent spirit and the creative motion of All That Is. In sacred space, you declare your wholeness and your willingness to live in awareness of your divine connection and the transcendent spirit which offers guidance from within your heart and soul.

These steps will guide you on your journey to spirituality. 

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