Everything You Must Know About Spiritual Awakening Stages To Make It The Most Wonderful Experience Of Your Life

spiritual awakening stages

Five Spiritual Awakening Stages

The 1st Stage Of Spiritual Awakening- New Interests

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In this state, he suddenly started having new interests. You are more inclined towards acquiring knowledge and understanding about yourself, your true nature, and the universe in general. It is a spiritual awakening stage where old ways of being and doing don’t make any sense to you anymore. You will make a purse to bring more positivity and peace to your life. This is one of the spiritual awakening stages where you might start meditating, reading books, and attending classes. 

The 2nd Stage Of Spiritual Awakening- Increased Sensitivity

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At this stage, You are much more in touch with your inner intuitive guidance, so you might start experiencing increased sensitivity. This is one of the initial spiritual awakening stages where you will start parenting a strong connection to your soul. You are focussing on shedding off the layers of the past and exploring new ways of being. 

The 3rd Stage Of Spiritual Awakening- Inner Transformation

This stage marks the actual beginning, where you start to shed the layers of old belief patterns and unresolved childhood issues. It is one of the initial spiritual awakening stages where you might need to find out multiple pasts to understand your different and reserved aspects of life and start bringing them to the light. Everybody has different wounds, and it takes a different approach and time to heat them up in a proper way.

The 4th Stage Of Spiritual Awakening- Awakening To Your Soul’s True Calling

It is the stage where you begin realizing the true calling of your soul.

In these spiritual awakening stages, you start to see the much grander picture of your true purpose on this earth. And the key to recognizing your true calling is to first master the understanding of your challenges and find ways to turn them into a pearl of beautiful wisdom. 

The 5th Stage Of Spiritual Awakening- Life Becomes A Spiritual Journey

The final stage is when you completely imbibe yourself in your spiritual path; you keep learning, reading, exploring, understanding, advancing in your gifts, and finding multiple ways of sharing your beautiful gifts with the world. This is one of the spiritual awakening stages where you see everything as an opportunity for growth and evolution you find each day, and you will be more compassionate and intuitive. 

Things That You Should Know In Spiritual Awakening Stages

Even though the five stages of spiritual awakening follow a certain order, there might be complicated overlapping amongst them. So, what you may start experiencing is that in some areas of your life, you are already on your way to fulfilling your true purpose in life, whilst in others, you might still be figuring it out. Spiritual weakening has been the topic of discussion for a long time. Different people around the world define spirituality and Spiritual awakening stages in different ways. In simple words, spiritual awakening is opening the door of consciousness to a different dimension of reality beyond the narrow boundary of ego. 

Going through a spiritual awakening stage is one of the most confusing, alienating, and lonely but also supremely wonderful experiences in life. It marks the beginning of initiation on a spiritual path, and most of the time, it occurs at the least expected time. Spiritual awakening is not like just waking up in the morning and being awakened; you go through certain stages before you finally wake up. For some, the process can be extremely painful while beautiful for a few. So if you want to know more about spiritual awakening stages, read the whole post. 


In our lifetime, we often pursue the Emptiness of payment power, money, and respect in an unending quest for happiness. Spiritual awakening can open a door of boundless consciousness for you. It is equally important to be aware of spiritual awakening stages to make them less painful and beautiful. A hidden gift buried deep within comes at the perfect time you need in your life, while sometimes it can shake everything up like tornadoes, so it is helpful when you already know about spiritual awakening.

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