Easy Meditation Guide For Beginners: Best Tips And Advice

easy meditation guide

If you are a mere beginner, you might be Looking for a perfect guide to supervise you about every essential step that every beginner must know before starting with meditation. Then, you have landed at the right place. Here we have come up with the most critical steps and facts that you should execute to start with your meditation practice. Some of the common questions that may trigger your mind are – how to start meditating? Will meditation exhibit a good impact on my health? What is the correct time to meditate? And more. Later in this article, you’ll get the complete answers to all the above questions so, stay tuned!

Essential Tips To Start With Meditation For Beginners

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● Select a favorable time for yourself

As meditation is to make your body relaxed and light, it is also essential to take a favored time that is convenient for you, and nobody dares to disturb you then. You can do it any time of the day, but the ideal time is sunrise and sunset.

● An ideal place without any noise

It is necessary to decide a proper time with a decent place for your meditation where you are not disturbed. Moreover, it will make meditation more enjoyable and relaxing for beginners.

● Make yourself comfortable and sit in a straight posture.

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Your posture is the crucial point when meditating, sit comfortably and be steady as much as possible. Ensure to sit straight, keep your shoulders and neck relaxed and keep your eyes closed throughout the process.

● Do not eat anything before meditating.

It is highly recommended to meditate with an empty stomach as it is easy to meditate before the feast whereas a bit difficult after having your meal. It is prudent to ponder after the two hours of having a feed. Otherwise, you'll keep on thinking about the food on an empty stomach.

● Begin with few warmups

You must start with some warmups as it will help you to improve circulation, eliminate inertia, and make your body lighter. Therefore it is an essential tip for smooth meditation.

● Take deep breaths for smooth execution.

Deep breaths are another crucial piece of advice for easy meditation. It enables you to steady the rhythm and takes your mind to a peaceful meditative state.

● Please don’t feel like it’s a burden on you. Keep a smile on your face within the practice. Try to keep a smile on your face when meditating as it keeps you comfortable, relaxed and inflicts an excellent meditation experience.

● Now, Gently and slowly open your eyes and thank God for giving you this beautiful life. Now, you have reached the final stage of the meditation process, don’t    rush to open your eyes. Instead, gradually open your eyes and try to sense your surroundings or background. Then, cheer yourself up, to begin with, a happy and energetic day.


Punctually practicing meditation retreats several benefits as it relieves you from every type of stress problem, rest your mind and body, and activates your system. Hopefully, the article was helpful and informative for you all. Make sure to keep in mind the above tips while meditating.

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