Buddhism: A Secret To Live A Longer And Happier Life

Buddhism: A Secret To Live A Longer And Happier Life

Buddhism is brought on the world by a prince named Siddhartha Gautama lived-in the north-east part of India. He started to begin to question his luxurious life in the palace. One midnight he left the palace without informing his family and roam around in the city. He found four types of humans on the way. A sick beggar, an old man, a man who is dead and a monk. By visiting the world, he understood that even rich people can’t avoid death or escape the illness.

He asked himself what is the reason behind the suffering of the people. He spent many years praying, meditating until he finally got the answers for life’s most important truths. The realization gave him the enlightenment or nirvana. And he was given the name Buddha or enlightened one.

Buddha’s way of life

Buddhism: A Secret To Live A Longer And Happier Life
Buddhism: A Secret To Live A Longer And Happier Life

By roaming on the streets and seeking out about the sufferings in one’s life, he discovered three truths of the universe and four noble truths of life. Buddha teaches this art of living for the next 45 years to the people.

The Three Truth Of The Universe

  • Change is the constant thing in life and nothing is permanent.
  • Possession of something or a person wouldn’t make anyone happy.
  • There is nothing that can be considered as self. It’s just a collection of many different characteristics of the attribute.

Four Noble Truth One Should Remember

  • Suffering will always be constant in human life.
  • Greed is the main reason for one’s life’s suffering.
  • Following a middle path can end the suffering for a human.
  • Suffering would end one day.

Buddha never wanted people to think about him as a god. People should take responsibility for their own actions. He told people to ensure to move the middle path. The middle path where one should not live life in so much luxury as well as not a life of too much fasting. This is the way that’s known as nirvana.

The Eightfold Path Of Buddhism

  • There is a need for the right understanding and viewpoint of life.
  • One should always be compassionate, not selfish.
  • Never tell lies and shouldn’t hurt anyone by telling harsh words or abuse.
  • One should always live honestly and never harm anyone. And take care of the environment.
  • People should encourage good thoughts of others and discourages destructive thoughts. 
  • One should always do something useful and never harm others.
  • Right mindfulness is essential for people.
  • One has to practice meditation to calm the mind which leads to nirvana.

The Five Precepts Of Buddhism

Buddhists follow a guideline to maintain their life’s flow. These are called the five precepts.

  • Never kill a living thing or harm any.
  • Never steal anything from anyone.
  • Everyone should lead his life decently.
  • Never tell lies to any matter.
  • One shouldn’t abuse drugs or drink alcohol.

Buddha’s Word

Buddhism: A Secret To Live A Longer And Happier Life
Buddhism: A Secret To Live A Longer And Happier Life

Buddha’s words were first written on palm leaves. The written palm leaves were collected together in baskets. These three baskets are known as Tripitaka.

Buddhism has spread to Sri Lanka, Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia and Laos, Nepal, Vietnam, Korea, Japan even China.

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