Are There Spiritual Awakening Symptoms

spiritual awakening symptoms kundalini

When awakened it creates a spiritual movement for itself, which is the awakening of communication with spiritual sources. The serpent rises up in a spiritualized form and moves through different centers of existence in order to reach enlightenment. This process is accompanied by many spiritual awakening symptoms, some of which are described below.

More About The Process

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This process is accompanied by spiritual growth, although this depends on how an individual person responds to the process. The spiritual aspects of the Kundalini arousal will vary greatly between people. Some may experience the spiritual realization with little or no symptoms, while others have very powerful symptoms that can result in sudden enlightenment. It’s important to remember that the spiritual awakening will vary between individuals and also varies from situation to situation. Spiritual development may happen gradually as the Kundalini awakening grows.

Because of the various symptoms of spiritual development experienced during the Kundalini awakening, it can be difficult for an individual to recognize them and move through the spiritual process without falling. However, recognizing these symptoms is a vital part of spiritual growth. This is because the symptoms are indicators to the awakening that is about to occur. When an individual recognizes the awakening, he or she will be able to begin the spiritual development process, which usually includes an inner meditation and exterior work.

Moving Through The Spiritual Development Process

It is possible for an individual to move through the spiritual development process without any spiritual awakening symptoms being experienced. However, most individuals who have experienced these spiritual awakenings do have symptoms. These symptoms are typically not as strong as the spiritual experiences themselves, but they can still be felt and treated. If an individual chooses to meditate and work on spiritual awakening symptoms during the awakening process, it is important to be gentle and quiet in the process.

Some of the spiritual symptoms experienced by individuals who have had spiritual experiences may include an increase in psychic abilities, telepathy, intuition, and lucid dreaming. Telepathy and intuition may also occur at this time. Intuition and telepathy are common occurrences during spiritual development for several reasons. During spiritual experiences the individual may telepathically communicate information to another individual about the experiences that they have had.

Intuitive Thoughts And Feelings

The individual may also have intuitive thoughts and feelings. Many times these symptoms are subtle and are hard to recognize as authentic signs of spiritual changes. However, many people who have had these symptoms feel as if something is different in their current surroundings. The symptoms can be very mild and may only last for a few days.

Summing Up

Many people begin their spiritual journeys with a personal crisis. When this happens, it opens the doors to greater understanding. When this happens, spiritual awakening symptoms within the person will manifest. These symptoms will cause the person to look for the support system they need in their own personal spiritual development.

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