5 Popular Relaxation Techniques for Anxiety

relaxation techniques for anxiety

Balancing work, social life, self-care, and career are common reasons we experience anxiety. It is not something one can easily avoid since these things are part of our daily lives. Usually, you have to sacrifice one or two things to excel in any of them. Failing to balance these is another cause of anxiety to any person.

So, how are we going to handle stress when it comes due to our lack of balance?

To lessen your worries, we have compiled five popular relaxation techniques for anxiety that will come handy.


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When you’re feeling anxious, all you have to do is count slowly from one to twenty and then count backward. Counting will help you divert your thoughts and focus on something else. If you still feel anxious after counting, you can use a larger number and count again until you feel more relaxed.


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When you feel anxious, you may find it hard to breathe. That is why you should focus on your breathing. Feel the air enter your nose to your lungs, hold it for seven seconds, and follow it as it exits too, then repeat the process. Be mindful of each breath you take. Take your breaths slowly. Just like counting, this diverts your focus on something else.


Think of a place that you love. It can be imaginary or real life. Imagine yourself being in that place and recall as many details as you can. After that, take your mindful breaths- take a breath in, then breathe out. You should focus and keep imagining that you are in that place. Use all your senses and imagine what it would feel to be physically in that place. Now, you have a safe place to stay whenever you’re anxious.

Staying Present

All you have to do is to look around and focus on something. It can be your body, a flower, or a tree. When you found something to focus on, describe it as detailed as you can. For example, you’re focusing on a flower. Describe it’s color, how it sways in the wind, how you think it smells, or even its texture. This focus will reroute your thoughts into the flower instead of your anxiety.

Relaxing your muscles

Observe your body. Are there parts that feel tense? Try relaxing them. Relax your hands by closing and opening them a couple of times, then pinch each end of your fingers. Going up, roll your shoulders and neck to remove tension. You can move them clockwise first, then counter-clockwise. Work your way from your feet towards your head to release tension from your body. You can also try stretching. Stretching warms up your muscles and also helps remove stress.


Failure to maintain your anxiety levels is a sure recipe for an unhealthy body and mind. If your anxiety is high, your whole well-being is at risk. It does not only affects your mind but your physical body as well. That is why knowing how to reduce anxiety is a great help to every individual. Not only will you feel great when you reduce your anxiety, but your body will also thank you for it.

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