10 Major Signs of a Spiritual Awakening

spiritual awakening signs

Why am I here?

It is a common question that those who are undergoing spiritual awakening asks. Spiritual awakening is the beginning of a journey towards the spiritual path. People who experience this crave to know the meaning of life.

To clear things out. Here are the 10 Major Signs of a Spiritual Awakening to help people identify whether they are going through an awakening.

Life’s Purpose

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You feel lost.

You keep wondering why you are here and what you should do and feel like you lack something. Whatever it is that you lack, you want to do everything just to get it.

Deep Questions

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You worry yourself over the unknown answers to the philosophical questions that you keep asking yourself.

What is the meaning of life?

Are we here just to eat, work, and sleep?

Why are people acting like this?

Lost and Alone

The world feels far away from you. Everything around you loses its importance. The people that you used to be close to feel like strangers. You don’t hold any personal interest in anything, and you are content in being alone.

Unhappy People

It hurts you to see other people experience injustice. Frequently, it saddens you to see street children wandering around hungry, and sometimes, you purposely don’t watch television to avoid any bad news. This continuous feeling may even lead to you joining activist groups.


You feel it in your gut; you have this urge to clean your house, yard, and throw things that you don’t use anymore. Not only do you want to clean things around you, but you also want to cleanse your life and disconnect from people you think cause drama.

Deep Empathy

You will see more injustices in the world during your awakening and feel for the people affected. Your empathy is heightened, and it would be hard for you to get hold of yourself. It is crucial to your awakening: you either numb yourself from the pain or find a healthy outlet for your feelings.


You would enjoy your solitude even if you were an extroverted person before. You spend a lot of time thinking, and you are happy in a quiet environment. Not only that, but you also limit your social interaction.

Shallow Conversations

When you talk to people, there’s a sense of distance between you. You also notice that only a few people can hold conversations about emotions and the meaning of life.


You become aware of all the signs that surround you. You realize that you have more control over your life than before. Some of these signs are the déjà vu you experience increases, you also often see angel numbers and spiritual symbols.

Negative Habits

You start to notice every little destructive habit that you have. Within you, you feel the urge to reform and clean yourself from these habits.


People experiencing a spiritual awakening feel like their lives had turned inside out. That is why this whole article is here; to guide anyone who is new to spirituality and to let them know that they are not alone. They are not the only ones going through the signs of spiritual awakening.

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